How it works

During the winter (approx. Dec-Mar), the house is rented out on a weekly basis from Saturday-Saturday.

Other times of the year are more flexible and reductions in price are possible for longer stays.

Weekly Pricing

W 1: 12.500 SEK/week
W 2-6: 9.000 SEK/week
W 7: 13.000 SEK/week *Sportlov 2024
W 8: 13.000 SEK/week *Sportlov 2024
W 9: 15.000 SEK/week *Sportlov 2024
W 10: 12.000 SEK/week

W 11: 10.000 SEK/week
W 12: 10.000 SEK/week
W 13,14: 12.000 SEK/week *Påsk 2024

W 15-24: 6.500 SEK/week
W 25-27: 10.000 SEK/week
W 28-29: 10.000 SEK/week
W 30-32: 10.000 SEK/week
W 33-35: 10.000 SEK/week
W 36-43: 6.500 SEK/week
W 44: 8.000 SEK *Höstlov
W 45-48: 6.500 SEK/week
W 49-51: 10.000 SEK/week
W 52: 15.000 SEK/week

All weekly prices include cleaning (required).

Additional Costs
Sheets & towels are available for rent (175 SEK/person) if needed for some or all of your party. They can be ordered through our cleaning company, Hustillsyn.

We will provide you with a first load of wood for the fireplace and additional boxes of wood are available for purchase on the property (110 SEK/box).

Payment & Cancellation

50% of the payment is due upfront (when we have approved your request and confirmed your booking) and the remaining 50% can be paid up to and no later than 14 days before check-in.

If you cancel 30+ days before your arrival: 100% refund
If you cancel 29-14 days before your arrival: Initial 50% is kept
If you cancel <14 days before your arrival: No refund* 100% is kept
*Exception to the above: if you can find another party to “take over” your booking

Booking Request

Please fill out the form below to request a stay (feel free to write in English or Swedish!).

Note: All booking requests are non-binding; we will get back to you and confirm once we have reviewed your request.

For general inquiries, please contact